Celiac Disease

About a month ago Claire had a biopsy done to check for celiac disease. She had already had blood tests that suggested celiac was a possibility. We got the results back and they were positive and Claire was diagnosed with celiac disease. So, another change here. The doctor had me meet with a nutritionist to discuss Claire’s diet and cooking and even cross contamination if using the same toaster for regular bread and gluten free bread. I guess I have a lot to learn. I have started Claire on her new diet and I guess the good thing is that Claire is not a picky eater and will eat almost anything, so she is usually happy with what I give her to eat. So far she has not complained once. 
Between Bethany’s diabetes and Claire’s celiac, we have had a lot of changes here — especially getting used to checking blood sugars and reading every label on everything I buy. We seemed to have gotten Bethany’s blood sugar under control and hopefully Claire will enjoy her new diet and not feel like she is missing anything. 
We are pretty much back into full swing for school and I am enjoying our studies – hopefully the kids are, too. We have spent more time in morning devotions and reading than we usually do, but I think we are all enjoying it. We are using our mark-my-time bookmark as we read and have clocked quite a few hours this month and still have over a week to go. 
Just posting random pictures I took this week of the kids outside. The weather has been rainy and messy, but today was a really nice day and the kids played outside after school. 

Bethany was digging for worms to feed the ducks and she found a really big one. 



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