I still don’t have my computer or know if they can retrieve the information for my pictures from the hard drive or not. It will apparently be another week at least. I really miss my computer and being able to load my pictures onto it.
In all the sickness and visiting and everything that was going on at Christmas there was something I forgot to mention. Our daughter, Katie, is engaged. She got her diamond on Christmas Eve and showed us at the candlelight Christmas Eve service. We are so happy for her and Ben. I would post a picture of her and Ben but can’t because I don’t have my computer. But, I have a couple of pictures of Katie from 2011 that I found and I will post those. Hopefully, she doesn’t care, as I never know if one of my girls will say — why did you put that up? 
I asked Katie when they planned on getting married and she told me she had no idea. Funny thing is that she is marrying a guy whose mom has been a friend of mine for around 17 years. Katie moved out in June of 2016 after she graduated from nursing school. She moved into an apartment with one of her friends. Katie was so quiet and calm when she lived at home, and I can honestly say I don’t think I ever heard her say one angry thing to my younger kids. I have no idea how she lived here with so many kids and stayed so calm. But, she did, and they all love her to death — especially Bella. 

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