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Thought I would just post a few pictures from the past couple of days. The girls are doing very well and seem to be adjusting to everything new. They still spend most of their time together, but now I notice that occasionally they will play with someone else. That is nice to see. They love being outside so we try to get out if it is warm.

Sophia likes to sit on the porch and watch everything. She hates the grass, but likes it when Bethany or someone stops to play with her for a few minutes.


My granddaughter, Reagan, having some ice cream. She had to have a change of clothes when she was finished.


 We found out that Tess can jump rope — and she is good at it, too.




Reagan and Bella — they are almost the exact same size and are good friends. 
Piper and Tess found Bethany’s old dollhouse that she has used as one of her fairy houses for the past several years. They loved it! Tess especially seemed to enjoy it and she played and played.


For some reason, Tess seems to have taken to Bella. I notice her playing with and talking to Bella frequently. It is rather cute. I was watching them play with the dollhouse this afternoon and saw Tess put her arm around Bella and hold her as they played. It was so sweet. 




  1. I love seeing pictures of your family, they are all so beautiful! It's nice to see them beginning to bond with their new sisters too. Bella and Tess are so adorable together!

  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures. The girls all look great. I love how you dress them so nicely!

    Sue H.

  3. So precious! Love these pictures! (((HUGS))) All of the girls are absolutely adorable together. Makes me wish we had more girls- LOL! But the boys are rarely chosen and my heart could not stand that. :o)

  4. I know you are right about boys being chosen less often. We almost added a boy as our second child this time but then saw Tess. It is wonderful you have chosen so many boys! I have lots of girls, but I do love boys — only one at home now. I'm sure my one son at home would love another boy, but we are done.

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