Random Thoughts and Pictures From China

On Thursday we had to meet with our guide and get some things from her and the rest of the day we did pretty much whatever we wanted to do. We walked to the mall and ate at KFC. I wasn’t sure if the girls would like it, but no need to worry. They loved the chicken and fries and the ice cream we got afterwards. We like to get out of the hotel some as Piper and Tess can definitely use the exercise — we were truly hoping to tire them out. Didn’t really work. 
We got up this morning and got Starbucks coffee and then packed our bags to leave. We got everything packed and then we went and picked up Tess’s passport. From there we went to the airport — seems like we are always going to the airport lately. Anyway, we got there and our flight was delayed so we sat around trying to keep the girls entertained. 
Finally, we left and I was pretty excited about going to Guangzhou. Being there meant we were getting closer to being done. It was only about a two and a half hour flight and Tess got sick and vomited four times. I think it was motion sickness. Once we landed she seemed fine, though I didn’t give her much to eat just in case. 
Piper and Tess get along pretty well at times and other times they are hitting and kicking and pushing each other. And Tess is doing much of the pushing to my surprise. Piper clearly wants me to herself. She is all over me most of the time. She rubs my face, messes up my hair, rubs my arm, my leg, hangs on me, takes my hand and makes me pat her head, wants me to rub her head, etc. she is on me almost every minute that she isn’t pushing Tess. And she LOVES to point out when Tess is doing something I have said not to do. After she points out what Tess is doing, she puts her head in my lap and enjoys the moment. 
So, tomorrow we have medicals at 8:20. Hoping all will go smoothly. I’m not sure what else we have to do. Hopefully not too much. I’m just glad to be this far in our journey. A little over a week and we will be on our way home! 

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