We had a nice Sunday. We talked about all the things we want to do in our yard this spring – what we need to buy to get started, what we hoped to plant, and went back to our desire to give chickens a try this spring. I went to Lowes and got a few small plants – strawberries, tomatoes, habanero peppers, tabasco peppers and red and green peppers. I just did that quickly on the way to see my mom, but we have lots more to get if we are going to have a garden. We need quite a few garden tools and gloves and fertilizer, etc. I’m taking a lot of the girls with me to pick out all the other stuff as they love to go – well, some of them. The rest have little interest.

Our biggest problem is keeping the deer, squirrels and rabbits out. For the past several years the deer have eaten almost everything we have tried to grow. My son suggested planting some hot peppers in the garden and said that will sometimes help keep the deer away. I sure hope so. It seems like a never ending battle in our backyard. It is not unusual to get up early and see 5 or 6 deer around the garden having breakfast. I do love to see the deer, but I don’t love them eating everything we plant.

We are really excited this year to get started and Aria has been begging all day to plant some of our new plants. So, I guess we will tomorrow. A few of the strawberries will be put in very large pots on our deck and we will try to find something to cover them with to keep out the animals. The girls feed a bunch of squirrels every single morning and they never forget to come. By 7:00 am squirrels are climbing up in our windows looking in and scratching for food. Hope they are satisfied with what they get fed and leave the strawberries alone.

Today we made a new bread recipe and it turned out pretty good. I think we will make it again tomorrow. It has to rise for a very long time so we will make it tomorrow and let it rise all night. It was gone almost as soon as it came out of the oven. Delicious warm homemade bread with jam on it.

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