Sunday Morning

We had a nice day at church this morning and then after the worship service our grandson, Jack, went forward to accept Christ and be baptized. I had no idea he was going forward today, but his mom told me they had been talking about it for a while – he was very excited for this day and I think the picture shows that.

We have had a pretty slow few weeks and I just haven’t had much to blog about. Though today I did feel bad that I seem to be letting things go on here lately. All the girls were wanting to look back on the blog for certain things – Piper and Tess wanted to see when Abigail and I went to China to pick them up and everyone wanted to see Bella and Sophia in Bulgaria when they were so small, and Aria kept asking why I didn’t have more pictures of her and I had to explain why we didn’t post about her at first. Then I realized how much my girls love going back on here and looking and reading and listening to themselves sing or hearing Michael play the piano or just watching little bits of the Christmas programs I used to do at church. They absolutely love doing that and I felt bad that I have neglected this blog so much lately and made a decision that I would try to get back to posting more frequently. It really does help us remember dates and when we did special things and what we did each Christmas and who sang in the Christmas program or who was Mary and who was Joseph. So, again, I say I will get back to journaling our days -though they may be mundane. It is something my girls will always have to remember their childhood by and even something I love to look back on and remember.

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