Moments to Remember

When you have 9 adult children that have moved out and are making homes of their own, but you go upstairs to put laundry away and find your 8 year old on your bed reading — this is a moment to remember. I am blessed. Grown children, grandchildren and still little ones at home. I recognize how blessed I am. I run and get my camera and snap a picture of Bethany. I want to remember this. 
I walk outside on a beautiful autumn day and there is Claire without a care in the world running and playing with such joy on her face — another moment to remember. I, again, remember how blessed I am and snap this memory. 


  1. Loved reading all of your updates, Sharon. Beautiful pictures…thank you so much for sharing them!

  2. There is nothing more peaceful than a child curled up with a book. I love that you make reading such a big part of your family life, and as an adult who LOVED books as a child, it's fun when you are reading books that I enjoyed back in the day 🙂

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