Catching Up

The past few weeks have been so busy that I haven’t even gotten around to posting. I like to blog important events in our lives as well as the small things, as this blog is a kind of journal for me. Sometimes when I can’t remember when something happened, I just pull up my blog and check the dates — that’s kind of nice.

On April 27th our grandson, Joshua, was dedicated. Almost all the family was there including Shannon’s parents and brother from Pennsylvania. It was a nice ceremony and he looked so sweet. The bad thing is that I forgot to bring my camera. I still can’t believe it. I take my camera almost everywhere I go, and then on this really special day I leave it at home. The good thing is that Shannon’s mom brought her camera and several of my kids took pictures with their phones. So, we do have some pictures taken during the ceremony. Joshua smiles almost all the time. 

Then on May 9th our daughter, Megan, graduated from medical school. She has worked so hard and this has been her dream for so long. We are all so proud of her. She not only is smart, but she is a wonderful big sister to all of her younger siblings. Sarah constantly asks about her and when she comes home for a visit Sarah is the first one out the door to hug her. Megan actually took a year off from college to help teach Sarah one year. 

Then the next week, Megan and David were married. Megan has been very busy with school, graduation and then a wedding. She said she was ready for a break before she starts her residency in June. 




Bethany got a new vest as her old one wouldn’t stay on anymore. She got purple this time. She says this one makes her tired — no idea why.
Andrew was happy yesterday as his older brother took him fishing. He hasn’t stopped talking about it, but I guess with 10 sisters at home a boy needs some time with a brother. 




 Now we just have Sarah, Caroline and Claire’s dance recital and then I think we are going to just relax for most of the summer — at least, that is what I am planning to do.


  1. WOW! You are one busy lady :). Your daughter was a beautiful bride!

  2. So beautiful! Rachel and I loved the colorful dresses!

  3. Thanks. Megan let all the girls pick their own dresses.

  4. Wow, so many exciting events. Joshua is so adorable with that smile! I love the wedding dress and all the bright dresses of the girls. So beautiful! Your daughter Megan has completed something very few can. I'm sure the experiences she's had with her siblings will make her a compassionate doctor! Is there any area she is specializing in and does she happen to be the daughter in the blog header with the blue/purple dress? Just curious! What a wonderful time for your family! We had a small party this last weekend following religous confirmation services for my daughter and I was exhausted with the planning/party. I can't imagine 3 big events like this right in a row.

    Sue H.

  5. Megan is going into internal medicine at this point but could still do a fellowship in something else — not sure if she will or not. She will be in Georgia for her residency — going right after her honeymoon. She is not in our header picture. I was pretty exhausted after the wedding. It was mainly keeping up with all the kids and getting them ready that made the day so tiring. But, Megan had so much more to do these past few weeks. Joshua is a little cutie and he smiles so much — almost everytime I see him. We are blessed.

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