The Teeny Tiny Farm

On Sunday we rented the animals from The Teeny Tiny Farm for several hours. We started doing this last year and it turned out so well that we did it again this year. We bought a bunch of pumpkins and paint and had the animals for about 2 hours. We had lots of food and snacks and drinks for everyone and that’s pretty much all we needed for the kids to have a great time. They rode the pony over and over and petted all the animals and ate and some of the kids even got around to painting a pumpkin – but most had to take them home as it just got too late. Everyone has looked so forward to this and it turned out better than I could have hoped. I think we will do this every fall as it is actually a lot easier than the pumpkin carvings we used to do with family. Carving pumpkins with a ton of kids that really don’t need a sharp tool in their hand is not always fun – though the end results were nice.

I think I will post some pictures tonight and then some tomorrow also as I took a lot and I don’t want to put up so many on one post.

Also, I went out with my daughter today and bought a few gingerbread houses for Christmas. Figured we might as well start getting ready as sometimes they are hard to find. My trunk was pretty full of them.

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