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Again, I have neglected my blog. It seems this summer I just don’t have a lot to say and we haven’t really done a lot. I am posting on my new blog for the first time and I’m not sure if this will get sent to everyone or not. I have had a little trouble with this new one, but I think everything is straight now. I may actually post this same post on my old blog – just one last post on it. Not sure.

We haven’t done much as I said. Mostly things around the house – games, art, reading and the kids go outside if it isn’t too hot. They kids have played a lot of games and painted a lot of pictures and done a little baking. We are getting things together to get back to school. I am almost ready except for a few more things to buy. I think I am also ready mentally to get back into a routine. We had a really good school year last year so I am hoping for the same this year.

We have a few little things we want to do before school starts and we will try to get those things done. Bethany has been asking about taking horseback riding lessons and we may let her do that – her doctor gave his ok, but did say we have to be careful of the dust and cleaning out stalls is not a good idea – definitely wear a mask. I am thinking this is more a fall activity as riding a horse in 95 degree weather does not sound fun to me at all. So, maybe in September or October.

The girls have a frog now – actually, two. They grew them from tadpoles. I find them to be quite a bit of trouble, but the girls love having them and they actually go out and hunt bugs to feed them. Not sure what they plan to do in the cold weather. I think Bethany will get another one in September as one of hers arrived almost dead, but they said it was getting too hot to send another one. So, I guess she will get it in a month or so.

Hopefully, this post will actually post and get sent out to everyone. This is the first time I have actually posted on this new one, though Bill has made sure all my posts were moved over to here from my old one. One really nice thing this summer is that Meredith comes over quite frequently and brings the kids so I get to see them several times a week. All our kids play together and it is really great. Little Georgia has gotten to where I think she really likes to come and that makes me very happy and Finn usually walks in asking for something to eat. We joke that everytime I give him something he takes it and then in a few minutes tells me he wants “something else” and I usually get that for him, too. Of course, he then wants “something else” again.

Also, most mornings when Bill and I drink our coffee on the front porch there are several deer in the yard – such a pretty sight.


  1. I made it! This seems like a pretty nice host, I like the past entries going down the side like that. I would love to look out my window and see deer resting in my yard. I live in a bigger city and we never get that. Georgia is adorable!!

    • Sharon Edwards says

      It’s been a little trouble and I’m still not sure all the emails went out, but we have finally gotten to the point we feel it’s working well enough to post.

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