What We Are Reading

We are now reading the book The Magic Summer by Noel Streatfeild and enjoying it very much. I have never read this book before nor have any of the kids read it. It is the story of four English children that have to spend the summer in Ireland with their great-aunt out in the country. They have never met her and are quite taken back by the eccentric old lady that basically leaves them to fend for themselves. It is the story of their unusual and adventurous summer. So far we all like this book and the kids find it quite funny in places. I thought it would be a good book to end the summer with.

Our summer is basically over and we start school next week. I am trying to wrap up everything and have all our school supplies and new books ready. I am fairly ready to start a new school year and most of the kids are, too. I planned a little today as I sat on the porch and enjoyed a little fallish weather. It was so nice and we have a few yellow leaves falling in the front yard. It’s really too early for many colorful leaves, but it was nice to see a few and enjoy the cooler weather we had today. I think we have a few more nice days before the heat is back.

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