What We Are Reading

We are reading two books right now – Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and Betsy’s Winterhouse by Carolyn Haywood. Aria is about the only one listening to the Betsy book as she really is not ready for Little Women and she has never had any of the Betsy books read to her. We have a lot of those and since she has really enjoyed this one I will probably read a lot more of them to her. We just finished Betsy’s Winterhouse today and will probably start another one of the Betsy books tomorrow. She asks every single day for me to read and sometimes two or three times a day. The other girls are enjoying Little Women. This is the first time we have read this book together. I think it has been a good choice. We enjoy discussing the personalities of all the girls in the story and each of my girls choosing the character they like best. We have had a lot of really nice discussions this week.

I am finally using my Mark-My-Time again to keep track of how much we read each month. I actually had to buy a new one as my old one seemed to disappear. I am not exactly sure when I started using it this month, but so far we have read 11 hours and 48 minutes. I will start it over the first of February and record for the entire month. There is really no purpose to using it except we have fun seeing how much we have read each month and it does serve to remind me to read, read, read to the girls.

Just posting a few random pictures from the past week or so. Aria and my granddaughter, Evelyn, have been playing together a lot lately and it thrills me to see them playing Barbies or making some concoction.

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