Bethany’s Art Journal

The other day I picked up Bethany’s art journal and looked through it. The majority of the pictures were of animals though there were a few pictures of houses, the beach and a person or two. A friend of mine suggested that we print a few of them and frame them for her room, and I am thinking of doing that. What child wouldn’t love some of their own art on their bedroom wall? So, I took some pictures with my phone and thought I would post a few.



Not sure which ones I will print yet. There were more, but the pictures are so large and I have no idea how to make them smaller — so I decided to leave some out. I think I like the last picture of the bear and the tiger best. 
I was going to write a little bit about how exhausting two little girls that compete with each other over every single thing can be when there is no children’s church for two weeks. But, it would take too much time and energy. Maybe that will be another post — when I update on how Piper and Tess are doing. Thank goodness Miss Mary will be doing children’s church next week! At least I hope so. 


  1. That's impressive!!

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