When I woke up this morning it was only 15 degrees so I knew we would probably be inside all day long. Piper wants to play outside most days even when it is pretty cold, but not today. It was a good day with the kids playing their games from Christmas and building with legos and planks. I was lazy and did very little and we just had a nice morning. By afternoon the kids went from so good and industrious to loud and pretty obnoxious. Not sure how that happened. I tried to find something they could do that would keep them busy and realized we still had two gingerbread houses we had not made and a doghouse. So, I let them make them together and that helped a little. 

When they were done it was early evening and I realized I needed to take one picture – trying to do a 365 Challenge to take one picture every day of this year. It is only day four and I was already out of ideas and almost forgot to even snap one. Bethany convinced me that we should go outside and take a quick walk and find something interesting before it was dark. So, the two of us went out to search for something. We had only made it to the end of the road and I was ready to turn back. It was so cold. Of course, I had found nothing picture worthy. Bethany saw some holly with some red berries and that had to be it because it was just too cold to continue looking.  Even Bethany was ready to turn back home and we had only gone to the end of our road and about 20 feet down the next one. I took the picture and we turned back towards home. I guess we were outside all of 12 minutes. I think tomorrow will be just as cold. I am definitely not a cold weather person. 
Oh, and Bethany does have on her pjs under her coat. She actually never got out of them today — everybody else dressed though. She loves to stay in her pjs if I will let her and I thought today was a good day to do that. 


I took this picture of Bethany and then realized she had pencil all around her mouth from drawing all day in her art book. She seems to always have a pencil in her hand. 


When we turned back around the corner to our road I thought my neighbors house looked so pretty with her Christmas lights still up so I took a quick picture before we ran into our warm house. 


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