Pumpkin Painting

This year we decided to have a pumpkin painting and not a carving – with so many kids that need help carving it is just easier to paint. So I got a bunch of paint and brushes and plenty of food and I think the kids had a great time. Zola painted faces for me and there was always someone waiting to get their face painted. It was a nice afternoon with family and food and beautiful weather – a great way to celebrate autumn. I took a lot of pictures and since I would like to include most people I think I will post some today and tomorrow. It was a beautiful day with family.

I took this last picture of Shep and his dad in the dark hall. Shep is my youngest grandchild – 5 months old. He sat with me in church today and actually slept for about 40 minutes. He was so good. I love it when I am surrounded by family on Sunday mornings.

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