Homestudy Finished!

Our homestudy is done and we received our copies of it Friday by FedEx. Now all we have to wait for is our cover letter and then we can file with immigration. I’m sure I drove the workers at both agencies crazy trying to expedite this. It is starting to feel like it won’t be so long before we see our girls. I can’t wait to meet them. To see how big they are, or small they are. To see if they’re healthy and just how they are doing in general.

It’s funny how a child you’ve never met can seem so much like yours, that they belong in your family, and all you have is a picture of them. We talk about the girls, we pray for them, and our youngest tells everyone she meets she’s going to get two new sisters soon. They are already so much a part of our family. We only have an older photo of Allysen when she was very young, but we have fairly recent photos of Bella.


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