The Zoo

Sarah and Caroline want their Sunday school teacher, Ms. Mary to know that they have been praying for her every single day. At every meal they pray for Ms. Mary to get better and to come back to church. So, if you happen to read this, Mary, know they truly care and always remember you in their prayers. They also wanted me to tell you that they went to the zoo this week — they wanted to tell you Sunday, but I reminded them that you wouldn’t be there. So, I told them I would post a few pictures and maybe you would see them. 







Also, we are working on Sophia’s therapy schedule and what we need to do to stimulate her here at home to best help her. I will be posting on what we have learned and some of the things we need to do with her to hopefully help her to start engaging with us a little more.


  1. Jordan has made great gains just by overcoming a lot of the fear that he had/has. And that took time and familiarity and consistency and all that stuff that helps any of us who are worried and out of our depth calm down.

  2. I know we have to work on taking Sophia out to help her overcome her fear. It is hard to take her anywhere because she hates it so much — she hangs her head down towards the floor, makes loud noises and grinds her teeth. Wherever we go with her we have people staring at us. She does better at home, for sure. I'm thinking that taking her out for short visits to the grocery store or maybe just a walk in her stroller will help her feel more comfortable going out — especially if we keep the outings very short.

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