The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 20

It’s getting harder for me to do a special thing every single day as I’m trying to finish up everything and it just seems like we are so busy – and I don’t really want to be busy at all. Anyway, today we did a very small thing as I was almost to the point of doing nothing. I bought a box of See’s Candies Lollypops at See’s Candies – a store that is only here and open at Christmas. There are four flavors of lollypops in the box – vanilla, butterscotch, cafe latte and chocolate. Anyway, I let each of the kids choose a sucker and as small a thing as it was they were actually excited. They loved the candy and though it was small we did our special thing. We are almost done for this year. It was actually very easy at first and we always had something to do, but it has gotten a little harder as it grows closer to Christmas. But, truly, the point was to only do something small each day and not a big planned trip or activity and we have done that. The kids have had fun. 




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