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We arrived home last night at 7:15 pm. It was nice to be back with family again. We stayed up late talking about the girls and our trip so I didn’t get to bed until after midnight and believe it or not I woke up at 4:00am this morning. I couldn’t believe it! I thought I would sleep late as we had caught a cab at 3:30am Saturday morning and then traveled for over 19 hours. But, then I started thinking about what time it was in EE. I realized that it may only be 4:00am here, but it was 11:00am there. I guess my body needs to adjust. 
I thought that I would go ahead and post our last two days with Bella now. I didn’t really get to post much of her and her orphanage since I could hardly ever get internet. The motel we stayed at claimed we had internet but as much as we would try we just didn’t seem to be able to connect. I would stand in one place in the room and it wouldn’t work so then I would move to the right and still no internet. Then I would move to the left a little  — still no internet. Then we tried going outside — no internet. Finally, I gave up. 
On Thursday we mostly played on the playground with her. She seemed a little under the weather but still enjoyed playing. She had a pretty bad rash and I am not sure what it was. The orphanage director told us it was heat at first but as it got worse said she didn’t know what it was but thought it had something to do with her being so light. On Friday I noticed that they had put something on it and I think it helped dry it up some as it had started to bubble and blister. I really don’t know what it was but it looked terrible. 
So, the last couple of days with Bella were good. We actually got to take her for a short walk and I took a few pictures of the town. She was in a really good mood on Friday. I think she was getting use to us coming every day — twice a day. She was always excited to see us and didn’t want us to leave. She would usually cling to me when the orphanage workers would come to get her. It was sad to leave her knowing that we would not be back to get her for months. 




Bella on our walk around the town



Bella in front of the orphanage gates



Whoa! is this one big flower pot!


Steps up to the orphanage. The little giraffe was there when we arrived and was still standing when we left!


Upstairs orphanage porch.


Orphanage Courtyard



  1. It must have been difficult for you leave those adorable little girls. I wonder how much they will have changed when you return to take them home….

  2. Welcome home! It looks like Bella is in a nice orphanage too. She is so cute!

  3. It was hard to leave them — especially Allysen — not knowing what is wrong and why she seems to be so delayed and unable to use her right side. I think Bella will continue to do well.

  4. The orphanage was pretty nice. The only thing I found odd was that the kids were taken outside everyday but there was nothing to play with on the playground. There was only one little bike and no other toys so the kids just stood around doing mostly nothing. There was a slide on the playground and a double swing that the adults got in to rock the kids but not the typical toys you would see kids playing with or on — bikes, big wheels, balls, etc. The kids seemed bored.

  5. She is just precious. She looks like she is doing SO well. I love all of your photos. Beautiful.

  6. Yes, she is doing well — so well, that I was surprised. Thanks, I do love to take pictures.

  7. I haven't had a chance to comment and tell you how beautiful Bella is!
    I'm sure your glad to be back home…I'll pray that that months go by quickly so you can go back and get your girls 🙂

  8. Sharon,
    I'm glad you are back home safe and that you had a nice visit with Bella. The pictures are wonderful. What is the timeline for when you return or next steps to get them home?


  9. I am not even sure of all we have to do before we return to get them. I know we now have to get USCIS I800 approval and I have some documents to fill out now and get notarized and appostilled. I think we will make our second trip in approx. 5 months. I have been told the second trip is 4 – 6 months from the first. I am just not sure of how much more paperwork we have to complete. I will be finding out this week.

  10. Thanks, Kimberly. Hopefully it won't be long until you see your little guy.

  11. She is a beauty! Such a shame there are no toys to stimulate their little minds. I know waiting will be so very hard! God bless you for rescuing "the least of these." Prayers for a quick return trip to get your beauties.

  12. Thank you for your prayers. We hope we can expedite this as quickly as possible. We have been unable to reply for a couple of days as we have no power. I'm writing from an area that still has power. There are many across the entire state right now with no power.

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