Her Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen is Bethany’s love. The others play in it and they help clean and fix it up, but it is definitely Bethany’s creation and love. I guess it was Sunday she decided it was time to start fixing it up again for spring and summer. One of the girls from next door suggested it was time to get started on it and they went to work. I usually go out and get pictures when she first starts working on it in the spring as I like to see how it changes from messy and covered in leaves and sticks and dirt to her kitchen. This time I was busy getting things done and missed the whole process. 
So, today when the little girl from next door came over again to play I remembered to get my camera and go out and see what they had done. They had raked and cleaned and Emma’s mom had donated some dish towels and forks. They washed dishes and cleaned and folded their new dish towels. They had so much fun and I got pictures today. I think I love this kitchen as much as they do.




And at the end of the day they washed all the dishes, cleaned up and hung the dish towels up to dry for the next day.

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