Working On The Outdoor Kitchen

It has been a long day, but I wanted to post a few pictures of all the work Bethany, Tess, and Piper have done in their kitchen. They have made a clothes line to hang their dish towels on. That idea came to them when the girls next door started playing in it with them and their mom sent over a dish towel. Then I gave them a couple of old ones and they decided they had to have a clothes line to hang them on after they washed them. 
They also decided to plant a flower garden right next to their kitchen. We will see if it grows. I’m not sure how much sun it will get. But, they planted three packs of flower seeds yesterday. I have had to try to talk to Piper about the garden as she wants to walk all over it and then do some digging and raking in the already planted garden. 
Early yesterday evening after the kids had gone in to eat a snack and get baths I went out to take a look and see how the kitchen was coming along. There really wasn’t much new, but they had done some work — cleaning and clearing, the clothes line, the garden and just a few other little things. I took my camera to take a few pictures. Bethany came running out to tell me that Piper and Bella had been in it and made it a mess and she started cleaning it up. I think she enjoyed the cleaning and raking and talking to me as I took pictures. She hung her dish towels and got everything straight for the next day. 
What has really surprised me this year is how popular the kitchen is. There are days there are too many kids for the kitchen – all of ours and the two girls next door and the granddaugher from across the street when she is visiting. All down in a dirt kitchen playing and playing for hours. Pretty amazing. 








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