Back to School

We started back to school this week on Tuesday. We usually start out a little slow the first week and then by the second week we are going strong. So far everyone is enjoying our history, morning talks and our book for literature. We are reading Stone Gables as our first book of the year. It is a true story of a family with 10 children that lived in Georgia in the forties and fifties. They were homeschooled on 150 acre pine forest by their father – a retired artist. So far everyone is enjoying this book. I have read this to some of my older kids, but never to any that are at home now.

Next week the kids are back to skating lessons and we will add all of our subjects. I think we are going to have a good year.

Today I was pretty rushed trying to get everything done. I did make it to Reagan’s first soccer game and then rushed back home for Evelyn’s birthday cake and ice cream. So, my pictures for this post are of Reagan and Evelyn. Reagan looks pretty excited as the goalie. The team played really well this year. The kids seemed much more into it than they were last year – at least Reagan did. She was a great goalie and look at her face in that picture. Oh, and I obviously gave Evelyn a doll for her birthday as I do love dolls and she seems to like them a lot, too. If I get a chance to give a doll I do.

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