Back to School

We will be starting back to school this week and I think I am ready for the routine and structure again – though I have enjoyed a relaxed summer. Most of of the kids are excited to get started and I think we will have a good year. I have history planned to start at WWll and I have bought a lot of books to go along with our history study. I try to use other books to help make it more interesting and it usually does help the kids get more involved and interested.

The kids have their new notebooks and I can’t tell you how much they enjoy going through their old notebooks and looking at all the things they have studied. Sometimes they will get their notebooks out and just look at each others and talk about all the stuff they did. That makes me happy. So, they each have a new notebook to fill with history and science again this year.

I love this time of year – almost fall. I am ready for the cooler weather and all the fall activities. We had a pretty boring summer so maybe this fall we will do a little more. We already have a few things planned.

The girls have been sewing a lot lately. I think they have made a total of about 6 Christmas pillows – can’t start too early – and probably 5 or 6 potholders and Bethany has made a Christmas wall hanging that I really love. She just has a few finishing touches to make to it. I really do love to see all the things they make and so glad they enjoy sewing. I never really learned to sew much so it thrills me to watch them. They could probably give me a few lessons.

Hopefully, we will have some interesting things to post about in the next few weeks with school starting and fall on the way. I have been very lazy here lately and I do need something to get me going again.

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