Last Day Before School

We had a nice day yesterday – our last day before school started. The weather was nice so the kids played outside most of the day. They have been inside so much lately it was wonderful to look out and see them running around playing. I think knowing that summer is about over and now school is starting gave them a little motivation.

Bethany and I went to an antique store yesterday. We had passed by it several times and every single time Bethany had mentioned she would love to go into it and and I figured yesterday was a good day. I only took her. I’m not big on taking lots of kids to antique stores for obvious reasons. We spent a long time looking around and I ended up getting Bethany a couple of vinyl albums and an old doll. She is always drawn to old dolls when we go to antique stores. This time she found a box of smaller dolls and spent a long time looking at all of them trying to pick one out. She finally found her favorite and has added it to her collection.

I had promised the kids they could make s’mores so they did that in the evening on the deck. Anything that involves food makes them very happy so it was a nice evening – and Liam and Evelyn happened by and got to enjoy, also.

Bethany practiced the piano while everyone made their s’mores as she knew it was going to take a long time and she said she would make hers last. She is really loving the piano.

Evelyn and Liam ended the evening with a game of chess – the game of choice here, lately.

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