Catch Up Post

So much time has passed and I had lots to say, but just never got around to it. So, now I will just post pictures from the past several weeks and catch up a little. We have been fairly busy – mostly at home. We finished our book Indian In The Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. The kids loved it and laughed the entire way through the book.

We have done several things on our bucket list for the summer and I think the last thing we did was get Sonic Blasts and watch old home videos. The kids love the old videos no matter how many times they see them and it makes Aria want me to get out my video camera and get some of her as she is not in any of them except last Christmas. I do need to start recording the kids more as we all love to look back at them and the kids are all growing so fast. I can hardly believe how small they all looked just a few years ago – watching all those old home movies makes me miss them when they were little.

The kids have played in the water continuously lately. They have water squirters and the hose and buckets that they use and within 10 minutes every single person will be soaked. They love it.

We have also spent a lot of time baking – making pie was what Bethany wanted to make and then it just ended up with the kids making anything they could think of. They spent a couple of days making cookies, and cake and pies. We are going to try our hand at bread next. I actually pulled out my old wheat grinder and cleaned it up and bought a bag of whole wheat berries to grind and try our hand at some bread. We may even try to make some cinnamon bread – something I used to make years and years ago.

We have also really enjoyed all of Abigail’s visits with little Shep. It is so nice to get to visit with them frequently. The kids love him, but have done a great job not crowding around him every minute.

Oh, and I almost forgot – this is the book we got out pie recipe from. It is a great book with a pie recipe in every chapter.

I still have to catch up on the birthday party we had here on Saturday and then the 4th of July so hopefully I will actually get that done in the next day or two.

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