The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 14

Today the girls decided to put up the tree in Bethany and Tess’s room. They first cleaned a little and got sidetracked a lot. They finally finished after quite a lot of goofing off. Then they went up to the attic and found the tree and brought it down. They pulled off all the old lights and straightened the branches and then Bethany put the lights on. It was looking pretty good by the time the lights were all done. They didn’t have time to decorate it so they will do that tomorrow.

They also cut out snowflakes to hang later in the week. It takes so many snowflakes when they hang them that it takes days to cut them all out so they decided to make a few today. They will still need to make some more later, but they got a good start.

It was a good day and it is starting to look a little more like Christmas here. For a while the girls were saying we were way behind getting everything decorated, but I think we are finally getting things looking more like Christmas at our house.

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