The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 14

Today we had a fairly relaxed day and I really didn’t get much done except to wrap a few gifts – and I have tons to wrap – and to put ribbon on all the ones I had wrapped previously so I could start putting them around the tree. I think things are starting to come together and if I could figure out what to buy a few of my older kids I could just relax and enjoy. 
So, our special thing for today was very small, but enjoyed very much. I made hot chocolate for the kids and had peppermint spoons for them to stir their drinks with. Of course, there was whipped cream and lots and lots of mini marshmallows. It is surprising how much fun my kids can have doing such small things. They really enjoyed their special thing and used half a bag of mini marshmallows in the process. This has been a fairly easy year when it comes to thinking of things to do. We have repeated many things and probably always will as the kids do like doing the same things again and again – I guess that’s how traditions get started. 

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