The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 7

Today’s special thing was to pull Christmas crackers – a UK tradition. We found these festive Christmas crackers at a local store one day when Bethany and I were out and thought they might be fun. We have never bought these so it was new for us. Two people pull the cracker apart, each one holding an end and the cracker splits unevenly making a snapping sound. One person ends up with the larger end and gets the prize inside. The prize was a paper crown and a small prize like a whistle, etc.  It was fun and the kids really liked doing it. We had Christmas candy while we pulled them and that added a little extra fun. Since this was a very busy day for us – play rehearsal and getting my mom a tree – this was a great little activity for our special thing. 
I have no pictures of the Christmas crackers so I will just post a few more from yesterday’s gingerbread decorating. 





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