The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 5

Today we decorated our family room tree. I had something else planned, but we had the lights and beads on the tree and I just decided we would enjoy it so much more if we went ahead and got all the ornaments on today. So, the kids made some snacks and I had a few I bought from the store and we got the tree done. It looks really nice now.

Also, today at church my son, Michael, played one of my favorite Christmas songs and so I thought I would add it here at the end – it’s a little long, but worth watching.


  1. Thanks, I enjoyed the music! Is your son also the arranger?

  2. Claudia Y Allen says

    Michael has a very special talent. That is also my favorite Christmas Carol, and I pick Christmas CD’s on how well that song is performed. Your tree is gorgeous!

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