Short Update

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for my son, Joey. He was able to start his chemo again last week as his numbers went up fairly quickly. He has done pretty well — extremely tired and does have bad days, but also has some good days. Please keep him in your prayers. 
Piper is doing well and is getting ready to start physical therapy. This has been a strange and long process, but I am thinking that she will be back to her old self in a few weeks. Right now she is hobbling around, but can go anywhere she wants pretty quickly.
Tess is doing great after her surgery and is ready to start up all her activities — especially riding a bike. But, she has another week before she is totally released for all sports. 
Bethany has a little over one year left in her clinical trial. Things are going really well and I do believe the medication is helping her. We found out last month that in the first phase she got the placebo. I had actually kind of thought that – not quite sure why, but maybe because I really saw no difference in her health whatsoever. But, she is doing well and we are so happy she was able to get in this trial. I remember when I got the news she was accepted. I was in China picking up Piper and Tess and the doctor wanted Bethany to come in as soon as possible. So, as soon as we were back home it was right over to the hospital to get started. 
Posting a few random pictures from the past week.
In the first two pictures Piper is learning to tie her shoes. She is kind of getting it but still has some trouble. Tess is great about helping her.
Bethany and Andrew found a baby bird in the yard last night as Andrew was cutting grass.
Sophia has gotten a little more social lately – and I mean just a little. But, she does really like sitting on the porch in the rocking chair. Every few minutes one of the kids will go up and play with her or talk to her. 


Andrew brought these flowers to me the other day. They are already dropping petals, but still pretty.


  1. It sounds like everyone is doing well and I'm glad to hear your son is having some good days. I want to pass along a book I read that a teacher had recommended as her favorite. It's called Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney. It's short, and will only take about 10 minutes to read out loud, but it's a wonderful story that I think your kids may like.

    Sue H.

  2. I found the book on Amazon and it is in my cart. Thanks. It sounded like something we would enjoy.

  3. I just caught up here. Loved reading your updates. I love the pictures of the kids and Sophia. I always love your porch pictures. Precious. I'll continue to pray for your son. I hope you all have a great summer.

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