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We have been home from China a little over two months and things are calming down a little. The first six weeks or so, rather than getting to spend lots of time with both girls, I spent it taking care of sick kids. We had kids getting sick constantly. As a matter of fact we just went through another round of strep. This time our doctor chose to give everyone shots so we had to go to the doctor everyday for three days to get shots. She is hoping this will help and she is also checking everyone again to see if she can figure out if we have a carrier here. She suspects Piper. 
But, I am finally feeling like I am getting to know the girls a little and we are settling into a routine. We went to the playground for the first time last week. When we got out of the car, Tess took off and it was all I could do to get her to wait while I got Bella out of the car. She was like a bird let out of a cage — she ran and ran and climbed and was so excited. I could hardly keep up with her. 

Tess seems to be fairly athletic. She can hit a ball really well and climb a tree — but has a little trouble getting down. She can jump rope and does it very well. She loves to be outside and she has started to entertain herself for quite long periods of time while out — the sandbox being one of her favorite places to play.
Piper was a little easier to keep up with at the playground as she is not as confident as Tess. She watched to see where I was a lot of the time, but seemed to enjoy herself.

Each day I feel like I know them just a little bit better — though I know I have lots to learn. Piper watches to see what my reaction is to things. She is always running to me but will not sit or hug me for more than maybe a minute. She can’t seem to sit still. She is constantly moving and moving and jumping on furniture and climbing on everything in the house– including me. 
When out in public, she is a little more subdued and hangs a little closer to me. She spent a lot of time at the playground with Bella and me. Piper and Bella sat on the swing for a long time — side by side and laughing at each other. Swinging and playing in the sand was what Bella wanted to do and Piper played with her for quite a long time.


I think this is going to be fairly picture heavy as I keep seeing pictures I want to post. But, my main intention was to tell just a little about both girls. Tess loves to draw and color. She drew our house the other day and brought it to me. Every single day she checks to see if I still have the picture. She has also learned to write her name in English and does a very good job. 
Piper seems to need Tess around more than Tess needs Piper. I have noticed that now Tess will go off on her own to play a little or to color. Piper always looks for her and calls to see where she is. As soon as she gets up in the morning, Piper asks where Tess is and starts getting out bowls for both of them to have cereal.

Piper seems to want to please me a little more than Tess. Tess is more strong willed and very opinionated. But, Tess can get her feeling hurt very easily — especially if she thinks she has been slighted by me. 
Piper lost two teeth this week and has shown me at least 50 times that they are gone. Then Bethany lost one and Piper was really into the fact that she lost two and Bethany one. She goes around pointing to herself and saying “two.” Then she points to Bethany and says “one.” She does this over and over during the day. I guess she is saying they have something in common.

Both girls would eat all day long if allowed. I give lots of bananas for snacks and they get popsicles on the front porch a lot. They ask for a popsicle after every single meal. I do have to say no after breakfast — it just seems too early. They get a banana. Funny, that before I picked them up I worried about what they would eat and if I would need to make special food. They eat almost anything!

Tess seems to have some special feelings for Bella. She calls her baby and plays with her and takes her hand and walks with her so much during the day. It is odd to me that she is so drawn to her. As soon as she starts to play, she calls Bella to come and join in. Bella loves it most of the time, but she can get tired and irritable if it lasts too long. But, she will sit with Tess for very long periods of time and just play and smile. It is quite cute. My daugher saw them in a chair together the other day playing and smiling and talking and she pulled out her phone and got two pictures. I had to have her send them to me. Bella looks so happy. I love seeing them together. 

I think things are finally calming down and I feel like we are making progress. Both girls are actually beginning to understand more and more English. They are able to say a few words or phrases right now —  Happy Meal, coffee, don’t touch, watch me, baby, hungry, popsicle, banana, monkey, dog, elephant, bathroom, bed, no, yes, color, shut the door, mama, and a few other words I may not remember right now. Tess actually called Bill “father” the other day and I have no idea where she learned that as none of my kids say that — it is dad or daddy. 
Tess has said a couple of funny things. We were at the grocery store about two weeks ago and I was picking up stuff and handing it Tess to put in the cart. I picked up a pack of toilet paper and handed it over to her and as she put it in the cart she said, “Shut the door!”  I guess I say that a lot. I don’t know if she just associated it with me saying that as she goes into the bathroom or she actually thinks it is called that. 


Then when we were filling eggs for an Easter egg hunt, Tess would put the candy in and then as she closed the egg she would say, ” Close the door.” I guess it made sense to her that she was closing the egg and she probably doesn’t even know what a door is. It was kind of cute to hear her say it over and over.
I think we are finally getting to know each other a little and I am enjoying doing new things with the girls. They love almost everything we do no matter how small — from cooking, to painting to playing in the front yard. They are easy to please if they have my attention and I am trying to give them a lot of attention. 


  1. Beautiful. The pictures of Bella with Tess are precious.

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