A Birthday Party With Animals

I almost never post about birthday parties. We just have too many in our family and I would be posting about them all the time. But, I decided to post about this one as the kids had so much fun with so many animals. My daughter decided to rent the animals that we usually rent in October for our fall pumpkin painting ( used to be carving) for her son’s birthday party. So we had lots of animals and food and kids and it was a great success. I thought it was going to be too hot for pony rides, but it ended up being such a nice day and everyone had a great time. We can’t wait to bring the animals back in October.

I have so many pictures I’m not even sure I will put them all up tonight. I might end up making this two parts just for the pictures, but will decide that as I start putting them together.

I think I will post the last few tomorrow as I have so many of this event. The kids were having so much fun I just kept taking pictures.


  1. Claudia Y Allen says

    oh my, how fun! these kids are so lucky with all of the wholesome activities they get to enjoy! I love the pictures! That little girl feeding the bottle to the goat has the sweetest look on her face, a very caring, motherly look, like she’s really trying to take care of that baby. Melts the heart.

  2. They all really did have fun. They spent almost the entire two hours the animals were here riding the pony and petting and feeding.

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