The Farmer’s Market

Today I went to the farmer’s market with 4 of my daughters. We walked around for about 45 minutes before it started raining. It was our first trip to this particular one and the sights, sounds, colors and all the different people made it rather festive. We checked out every booth and bought a few things  — ice cream, a rag doll, an owl necklace, jam, cinnamon bread, cake and a small jar of honey. There were many people eating breakfast and having their morning coffee before they shopped. We are thinking that next time we go we will also get our coffee there and maybe have a bagel or muffin for breakfast. 
It was a beautiful day for the market — the temperature was about 76 degrees  — much cooler than it has been, and made walking around more pleasant. I couldn’t help but think of how nice it would be to have Bella and Allysen here and take them. I think they would love the colors and all the people, dogs and excitement. Since the market is open until December 1, there is the possibility that we will actually be able to take them this year  — depending on how quickly we get to travel to get them. 
Here are a few pictures from today. 


















  1. This one looks great. We're looking to check out other farmers markets. Is this one in Richmond? We usually do the Market Square one in Williamsburg and just started visiting the one in Toano. Both are great for their own variety.

  2. Yes, this one is in Richmond — it is called something like "South of the James Farmers's Market". It is not that big but did have more stuff than the one downtown. They had a lot of breads and things I wasn't expecting — like jewelry, rag dolls, honey, ice cream and soap — but then I hardly ever go to these markets so maybe most of them have all that stuff.

  3. Your pictures are so gorgeous! I wish the farmers markets here in Oregon were this pretty. I'm sorry if this has been asked 50 times already, but what camera do you use?

  4. Anjelica, Thanks for the compliment. I use the Canon 5D MkII and for these pictures of the farmer's market I used a 50mm lens.

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