Harvest Festival

Today we went to a harvest festival. It was kind of a last minute decision. We used to go every single fall back when my first group of kids were young. I remembered always having fun and the kids loved it. So, when my son asked me to go I thought it might be nice to go again, and the kids would probably have a great time. 
I would like to say that is was so much fun and that I thoroughly enjoyed the day with my kids, but that wouldn’t be the truth. I’m not even sure now why I remembered it so fondly. But, I think that a lot of the problem is that so many of my kids need to be watched constantly or they will wander off and so I spent most of my time making sure they were within sight. Being in a large area that was fairly crowded and trying to make sure everyone was where they should be while most of the kids were wanting to run here and there is not really very relaxing. But, I did enjoy meeting a few of my older kids there and three of my grandkids. So, that was nice. 
It actually started off rather badly the minute we got out of the car because the people behind us had a dog and it was a really BIG dog. Bella, does not like dogs and that dog was bigger than she was and she immediately started to cry and run. It did not get much better even as they left with the dog. That’s because Bella realized that there were lots more dogs there and she was almost hysterial — she isn’t usually that upset but today was obviously not her day. I finally had to ask her if she wanted to go home — thinking it would help her get a grip. But, she just said YES! She was ready to leave. 
She finally calmed down enough to have some fun, but I decided that I would think twice before taking her next year — if we go. 
This was within a few minutes of arriving — she already had decided that she did not want to be at any harvest festival. She was constantly on the lookout for dogs of any size. 
We were watching for my son and she spotted another dog nearby.
We mostly just walked around and ate and talked. The kids went through the maze, climbed trees, ate and even got to ride a few rides. They said they had lots of fun so I guess it was worth the trip. 


Michael and Kasia brought Luke. I think he had fries for the first time so I’m sure he had a good day. 
Joey and Shannon also brought Joshua and Madelyn. I think all the kids had fun. It was a little too sunny for me — I like cloudy days myself. Joey said it was a little too sunny for him, too. He was trying to get out and get a little exercise by walking around some. 




We came home and Bethany saw a squirrel and almost walked right up to him before he ran off.


  1. Poor Bella!!! I had dogs growing up but now that I'm an adult I honestly prefer not to be around them. My oldest son didn't like them either. I wish people would realize that a lot of little kids are afraid of dogs or just don't like to be around them and would leave the dogs home from these sorts of events. I find it very inconsiderate and used to be annoyed when people would try to get my son to pet their dog when he was inconsolable … "he's friendly, see" … as they edge toward us. If it isn't a dog park, leave the dogs at home for family festivals when they know there will be little kids there!
    To me it's like someone smoking in public at family festivals … please no.

    Sue H.

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