On the first day of autumn we had our usual pumpkin muffins to celebrate. Then the kids painted the acorns that Joey brought over to us – he has huge oak trees and tons of acorns and we have very few. He knows we like to paint them. The amazing thing is that he also knows we especially love the ones that have the caps on them so he literally took all of the acorns without caps and glued a cap on every single one of them for us. I couldn’t believe he did that but he did — two small buckets of them. So, we had a lot of pretty acorns for the kids to paint. They love to paint them and then we put them in a jar to decorate a little for fall — a fun and easy fall activity. 
Meant to get a picture of them in the jar but forgot. They look pretty even though there are some that may have a little bit of several colors of paint on them – messy painters. 


  1. Joey seems to have a heart of gold. Praying for complete healing for him. The acorns are a sweet idea.

  2. He really does.

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