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Another question that I was asked that is simple for me to answer was – Do you all go grocery shopping? I can answer this in two words – Absolutely Not! That was an easy question and I didn’t even have to think. 
I don’t mind taking kids with me to the grocery store to pick up a few things or just run in quickly, but I do not like to take anyone with me when I do the weekly shopping. I like to have that time alone to look and plan and basically just be alone. I shop once a week and I do not go back to the store between shopping trips. I find I am much more careful about what I plan for the week and what I buy if I just tell myself that I can spend no more than “this much” and I can NOT go back to pick up little things I run out of or forgot. This is actually new for me as I used to run to the store probably 4 or more times a week and spent at least $100 more a week doing that. Now I plan and stick to my budget. This has made me really happy for some reason and the funny thing is that the kids are eating better and healthier than ever on less money. It is good for all of us. 
I know it isn’t easy for some people to shop without kids, but I will miss my shopping day if I don’t have a babysitter. Doing this alone is important to me. It is basically the only thing I ever do alone. 
Bethany has started making a lot of smoothies since it has started to get warm,  and she loves them. 


  1. I can totally relate! We have two older children (teens) and two younger (elementary school age). We have found it nearly impossible to take the older kids with us grocery shopping when they were young and after many frustrating tries, just started going alone. I am like you; I totally enjoy the time to look and think on my own. We avoided taking the little kids to any stores when they were younger and my now 9 year old never set foot in a Target until he was 5. As I was walking down the aisle with him the first time he looked all around and yelled "THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!" I got quite a few stares and laughs. For the longest time, he had no idea they had toys there as we avoided the toy area. Thank you for the comments about your daily life. I really get so much inspiration from you in many areas. I like seeing the activities the kids are doing, the crafts, outside play, etc.

    Sue H.

  2. Oh, I’m glad someone understands as I was thinking it might sound rather unkind, but I do love to shop alone. It’s my time.

  3. I totally don't blame you on this one! I only have a grown son, so that's not an issue, but I also have 3 middle school girls that I pick up daily and help with homework til their parents get home, and if I stop at the store with them, it's 3 times more expensive, because they always talk me into buying them something! I try to avoid it.

  4. Oh, I spend so much more money if I take kids with me. I even spend more if I take my older kid. I can only stay on budget if I shop alone.

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