The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas Day – 23

Today the kids made gingerbread houses for their special thing. I had bought a lot so my kids and all my grandkids could make them together one day. Then my kids got sick and we figured nobody wanted to come over and make them with us. So, today just my kids did them. Well, it started out with just my kids, but then John, Juliana, her mom and Evelyn and Liam came over so Evelyn and Liam made one, too. We still have a ton left over and I might just keep them till next year. The kids had fun and I enjoyed watching them and taking pictures. Tomorrow is our last day of our twenty-four days. We have enjoyed doing all the small things and sharing about them this year. I don’t know when the kids will tire of this, but for now we all enjoy doing this every year.

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