A New Life

Yesterday evening Bella and Sophia arrived from Bulgaria with their escort. Finally, after waiting and planning and hoping — they are here, and we are so blessed that these girls are a part of our family. It has been a long journey and sometimes frustrating but it was so worth it. I cannot explain to anyone how it felt to see those two girls coming up the ramp in their stroller and knowing that they are finally ours — ours to hold and love, to teach and to play with and to spend the rest of our lives with.
We arrived at the airport about 30 minutes early to find that the flight was going to be 25 minutes late. So we  just waited and walked around and goofed off. We were all pretty excited and kept checking and checking to see if the flight information had changed.
Bethany found two dolls that she begged me to buy for Bella and Sophia, so I bought them.
Finally, the plane arrived and we saw them being strolled down the gateway.

Everyone was crowded around and we were starting to block other people so before we could get them out of the stroller we had to move out of everyone’s way. Then everyone finally got to hold our girls. Since the escort’s son-in-law was late arriving to pick her up, we stayed with her at the airport and just took turns holding the girls and just enjoying the moment.


We all went home and gave the girls baths, fed them and got them ready for bed. After each one was rocked for maybe 30 minutes they fell asleep. The escort had told me that Bella slept well, but that Sophia did not and would get up by 4:00 am every morning. I was really hoping that she didn’t get up quite so early and she did not. They both must have been very tired as they slept until after 8:00 am. We finally went into their room to see if they were ever going to get up this morning and this is what we saw  —  Bella and Sophia’s first morning of waking up in their new room. We are so blessed.



  1. **Tears** So happy your girls are finally home!!

  2. Sharon, They look amazing! Thank you for sharing the pictures and video. They brought tears to my eyes. All of your children are beautiful. I hope you will continue to share photos and updates. I feel lucky to have come to your blog from RR so long ago and followed the journey and learned more about the existing family you already had.

    I'd love to hear more about what the older children are doing and their interests too if you ever get a chance. And tell your husband I think he is amazing. I don't know many (any?) men who would welcome so many children. He is a gem!!! A real gem!!!

    Sue H. – Wisconsin

  3. Thanks so much, Sue. I have actually enjoyed blogging about our journey and it is also a journal of our adoption that we can look back on and remember each step. Maybe sometime I will try to touch on some of of the things my older kids do and enjoy.

  4. Tears of joy! What a wonderful way to start my morning…what a wonderful post!

    Andrew was behind me as I was reading and saw the girls and said, "Those two look familiar!"

    The pictures and videos and knowing that you finally have them safe in your arms is just so great. I'm so happy for you and your family and for Bella and Sofia.

  5. oh what precious little blessings.

  6. This is beautiful. So happy for your family! – Kim

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