Miracles In Motion — A Star Is Born

Bella had her first dance recital on Sunday. She was adorable! This was her first year of dance and she missed so many days that I am surprised she managed to dance at all — remember all the strep. I guess she really didn’t dance that well, or even do what she was supposed to do, but she did manage to look pretty cute. So, maybe she wasn’t a star, but we were so proud of her. 
Only three years ago she was living in an orphanage in Bulgaria — in a little mountain village. We visited her in her orphanage every day for five days. Then we left for home and she waited another seven months. When she arrived in the United States she was scared and would hardly let us hold her. She would not eat anything but cheese puffs for several days, and that is what I gave her as I was so worried about her lack of eating. She is such a sweet confident child now and as I watched her on the stage I almost cried. We are so blessed that we have her in our lives. 
Of course, Bella wasn’t our only dancer this year, but it was her first time dancing and being in a recital so I am only posting a few pictures of her. Sarah and Caroline also danced and they were excited, as usual. The recital is all they talked about for probably three weeks. Claire was sick and so wasn’t able to be there. 
I am so thankful that we have this dance group for our girls. I know it is a lot of work for their teacher, Miss Kim, and all the other helpers, but they always manage to put together such a wonderful recital for all of our special needs children. It is such a blessing to be a part of this group and I don’t know what my girls would do without it. 
Our little star — Bella. Ok, I know she doesn’t look very confident or happy, but she didn’t cry!
She seems to be warming up and relaxing a little in the next few pictures. 


After it was all over and I went to get the girls, Sarah ran to meet me and asked if her Sunday school teacher, Miss Mary, was there to see her. I figured Miss Mary would not make it as it was not close to where she lives and it was a messy day and she probably just wanted to stay home and relax. I told Sarah that Miss Mary probably came, but it was too crowded to see her  — thinking that would satisfy Sarah. Of course, Sarah asked me again and again on the way to the car as she doesn’t give up easily. Then I heard someone calling my name and looked and there was her Sunday school teacher and another woman from our church! That just made Sarah’s day — and mine, too. It was so important to Sarah that she come — we are so blessed that we have teachers that truly care for our kids. 
Maybe I will post a few pictures of Sarah and Caroline next time. Sarah has actually started relaxing a little and Caroline has always acted like the stage is where she should be. 


  1. Yay Bella! What a change from where she was years ago, now so loved and cared for. And how sweet that the teacher came out for the recital given the location and weather. That brought tears to my eyes.

  2. That Bella….could she possibly be any cuter?!

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