The Doll House

Back last fall I saw a dollhouse for sale online and bought it for the girls for Christmas. Several things happened and it ended up that I did not give the house to them, and decided to save it till next Christmas. So, it sat in my dressing room covered up for several months. It was always in the way and I kept thinking I would get it over to my Mom’s house to store it till Christmas — but, I never made it there. 
It seemed like the best idea to save it and already have one thing for Christmas 2018. Then for some reason I started thinking about the house and the girls and how they were growing up so fast, and I made the decision to go ahead and give it to them now. Let them enjoy it while I know they will still love playing with it. So, Saturday I pulled the box to their room and surprised them. 
We opened it up and they were so excited. Tess was jumping up and down she was so excited. I was actually a little surprised — I thought they would like it but not this much. We started pulling out all of the pieces and the more we pulled out the more excited the girls became. I will say that when I realized the house had pictures painted on the walls — chairs, and lamps, trees and shelves, and even a carpet painted on the floor — I was not thrilled. Somehow in the process of seeing this nice big dollhouse, I think I only saw how nice and tall it was, and the little girl standing in front of it having so much fun. I never even noticed the inside. I was not thrilled. I wanted plain walls and floors. But, it is what it is and the girls all seemed to love it — of course they would. So, I just let it go and enjoyed watching them. 

I had to make some of the girls sit on the beds or the floor and watch for a little while so we could get it put together. It was just too hard with them running all around and standing almost on top of Bill and myself. They were pretty ok with just watching for quite a while. I guess the excitement of seeing it all come together helped. 

Evelyn and Liam were here and they came up to see what the excitement was all about. It did start to get a little crowded and hectic. So many kids so anxious to play. 

Evelyn found the dolls and they entertained her for sometime. 

I was shocked at how long it took us to get the house put together. It was a lot of work and we actually didn’t finish it until today. We started back on it as soon as we got home from church. A lot of the work was for the girls at this point as I told them putting any furniture together that needed to be done was up to them. They didn’t care — it sounded fun to them.










I am really glad I decided to give it to them now. They had so much fun and I think this will be something they play with a lot. They do need some dolls now, but Bethany pulled out her Madeline dolls and they worked. 







  1. Oh how fun! I bet they were thrilled to get that 🙂 My dollhouse is one of the few playthings I remember from my childhood. It was nothing as grand as that one, but I used to turn different household items into furnishings, and I thought they looked great! LOL I'm sure your creative girls will be cutting little fabric blankets and pillows out of scraps, before long.

  2. They do love it – though I think there is a tiny part of Bethany that kind of wanted to paint the walls inside the house instead of having furniture and flowers already painted on them. She kind of likes to make things herself. But, they have been playing with it a lot.

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