Nature Bingo

I have been trying to make sure we keep up our nature journals and studies. Most days we read about some form of nature — animals, insects, flowers, trees, etc. We are reading a journal now about living in the country in the spring. The kids all enjoy listening and then we usually take a walk or go outside and sit and silently watch for anything interesting. Sometimes the kids just draw something we have read about. I find these times very relaxing and as we walk through the woods or sit under a tree I feel such a joy in the wonders that God has made. 
Since I am trying to keep these studies fun and interesting, I thought I would buy the game Nature Bingo. The kids like most games and I figured they would learn a little as they played. Today we played it for the first time and they really enjoyed it. Everyone had fun and even read a little on the backs of the cards about different animals and plants. 
Bill called out the different nature cards while I took some pictures and helped some of the kids. As they started playing it was so obvious that Piper was so into this game. I mean she absolutely loved it. She smiled from ear to ear and could not sit still. As I picked pictures to post, I realized I kept picking pictures of Piper because it was so obvious that she was having so much fun. I could not help but keep picking hers.  I have to say my kids enjoy life. They can find joy in the smallest things. This makes me so happy. 









Yes, Piper was literally jumping across the room she was so excited. She was looking at everyone’s bingo board and also lending a helping hand if needed. 

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