We had a wonderful Sunday and it started out with Sunday school and worship service. I’m posting some music from our worship service again – getting to be a habit I think.

After church and lunch we took a walk around the neighborhood. It’s been awhile since we have done that and it was nice looking for signs of spring. The girls had fun looking for birds and flowers and any signs of spring they could find. We took our time and just enjoyed the nice weather. I am so ready for warm weather and it seems to have turned rather cool again as I write this two days later. We walked until the girls were tired and then decided to run and get ice cream sundaes before dinner. The girls were so shocked I did this right before dinner as it is not something I would normally do. We only went to McDonald’s, but we sat outside and it was still warm and the girls really enjoyed it and I enjoyed just getting out for a little while.

Also, we have read quite a few books this past month and we clocked 22 hours and 5 minutes on the Mark-My-Time. It was another good month of reading. We read Rainbow Garden by Patricia St. John, which we have read many times – we love an old friend. We also read a book on Helen Keller and one on Clara Barton. We enjoyed both of those. We read many more but those were the ones I remember best.

I wanted to mention that I was asked by a reader to compile a book list of some of our favorite books. I asked the kids to each tell me a few of their very favorites and they have done that. I will also include a few of my favorites. It will start out fairly small, but I will continue to add to the list as time goes on. We have so many books we love it will be hard to choose which we list. Anyway, I will get that list together and put it up on the blog soon.


  1. That’s wonderful, I can’t wait to read it! Thank you to all the kids for helping!

  2. Claudia Y Allen says

    oh my gosh, I could listen to your son play the piano for hours. Do any of the others play piano? I know a few of the girls play harp!

    Why does Piper suddenly looks so tall? Like she just sprouted!

    • Several of my older girls took piano and two sons. Only Bethany takes now and she just started this past fall. She really enjoys taking.

      Piper has grown unusually fast and is taller than almost all the kids. It has been strange how fast and tall she has grown.

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