It was a beautiful fall day today and the kids played outside most of the afternoon after church. Oliver, Penny and Jack were here all afternoon playing, also. I love it when the kids can play out and it’s not too hot or cold. We made cookies and hot apple cider in the late afternoon and had that as a special treat. The kids had been asking for cider and I finally got around to getting some. Figured I better make some soon as fall seems to be going quickly – maybe that’s because I am so ready to start thinking of the Christmas season – though I know it is really early. My daughter, Abigail, and I went to Home Goods and At Home this past Saturday to just look at all the Christmas stuff. She told me that the minute October was over she would be putting up Christmas decorations and I am sort of feeling that way, also.

We practiced for our Christmas program today at church and it’s going ok, but we sure need a lot of work. Thank goodness my son plays the piano and will work with us over and over. The kids are excited to do a program this year as we have not done once since 2019. Hoping for the best.

We do still have a few fall plans. Next Saturday we will have our annual fall party and we have rented the animal farm again. Everyone seems to enjoy it and this will be the first year that Shep can actually enjoy it. We just all get together and eat and paint pumpkins, ride the pony and the kids love to pet all the animals. It is supposed to be a nice day so we are all looking forward to it.

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