More Surgery

On Friday Tess had some out patient surgery done. She is doing ok but is having some pain. I think she will be feeling a lot better by Monday or Tuesday. It is odd how different Piper and Tess have been when faced with surgical procedures. Piper hasn’t a care in the world and actually acts excited when told she will be having surgery. She will talk about it and tell everyone and talk and talk and talk about it. You would almost think she was going on a vacation. Tess, on the other hand, was extremely anxious. When I told her she was very quiet. Then she started asking questions. I could tell she was concerned. She finally said she didn’t want to have surgery and she was scared. I talked to her and explained that I would be there from the time we arrived until she was ready to go home and she didn’t have to be scared. That she would have some pain but not too much and the doctor would give her pain meds.
On the day of surgery she was still pretty anxious, but did better than I thought she would. She went back without any tears. She did come back looking pretty mad at me. She would hardly look at me at first. Tess has a tendency to blame me for most of her problems. But, she started feeling sick and I think that took her mind off the fact that the surgery was probably my fault. 
She went home with a pan to throw up in and was sick for about another hour. Then she felt a little better since she got to watch a movie. Today she has complained of pain, but other than that she has been pretty happy and I think I am forgiven.

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