The Good And The Not So Good

We have had some very good news again — Joey’s tumor is stable. We are so thankful and want to thank everyone for their prayers. I am hoping this will be a good summer for him and his family. 
We also have gotten some not so great news this week. Bethany was diagnosed with diabetes. To be exact it is CFRD — Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes — a type of diabetes unique to people with cystic fibrosis. So, we will have new things to learn and Bethany will have some more changes in her life. We will be getting training on how to manage this and hopefully it will only be a small bump in the road. 
Bethany reading at the beach house on Bald Head Island  — she did a lot of reading there.
The ride back over on the ferry — to leave the island. This time we rode inside.


  1. Great news on the stable MRI. So happy for him and you, and the family! Sorry to hear about the diabetes with the CF. We have CF in our family too. She's a strong little girl, she will tackle this obstacle head on. Prayers for both of them.

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