The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 21

So, today I had nothing planned except a few things I wanted to get done and also I wanted to take a couple of the girls to skate – they had been begging for weeks. We made reservations to skate and I met my daughter, Meredith, and two of her children so they could skate together. Unfortunately, when we got there it was canceled due to some issues with the rink that had to be taken care of. So, a couple of my other older girls met us and we walked and shopped a little and ate lunch. By the time we got home I had a few things I had to do and then evening seemed to come so quickly and I had not done the special thing. There just are those days I think I might not get it done. I decided that rather than try to figure out some activity that I really didn’t want to start we would do something simple, but kind of fun. I had the kids think about their favorite Christmas books. I asked them to pick one or two books that they love and would always remember and put them under the Christmas tree. After they all talked and talked about which books were the best and then tried to pick which ones to put under the tree we talked a little about our favorite books and why we liked them. It was rather pleasant and then we all sat down and I read to them. That’s it. Not much, but it was still special to us and I think it was nice to just talk about or favorite books and why we love them. So, that is our special thing for today.

This next book, A Full House, An Austin Family Christmas, is one of my very favorite books. I don’t know why I love it so much, but I do. Bill also says it’s his favorite.

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