The Weekend

We had a really nice weekend. Yesterday was going to be a cleaning day for me. I needed to get the rest of our Christmas stuff put away and move some things around. I decided to take a quick walk before I got started and just as I walked out the door my daughter, Meredith called me. We talked as I walked and she said she was thinking of coming over with the kids. When I was almost home my daughter, Katie, pulled up next to me with Kennedy and said she was coming to visit. And strange as it may sound at that moment my daughter, Emily, pulled up from the other direction. She was also on her way to my house. So, as soon as we got home Meredith came over. We visited for a little while and then Megan called and said she was on her way over with pizza and I told her there were a lot of extra people here so she called and ordered more pizza. As soon as Megan got here my son, Michael, stopped by to pick up a steam cleaner and then stayed a little while to have pizza and see everyone. John and Juilana and the kids stopped by next and actually thought for a minute we were having a get together and didn’t invite them – I mean it did look like it had to be planned – but, definitely was not. And finally, Abigail and Jonathan and Shep came over. We definitely had a houseful. It was nice, though. We all visited, ate and the kids ran around playing.

Bethany, Tess and Reagan took their hoverboards out and rode them for probably two and a half hours. They all got one for Christmas and are really having fun with them. The other kids all played together and we had almost no issues or disagreements. It was just a really nice day. Finally, one by one they all left and all the kids said they had a great day. I sure did. I have some great adult kids – I am so blessed.

Then today after church the kids played some games and then in the late afternoon Bethany and Tess spent their time watching birds out of their bedroom window. It was raining and they used the telescope and binoculars they got for Christmas. They saw quite a few different birds and looked them up in Tess’s bird books she got for Christmas. It was a nice, quiet, rainy afternoon.

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