Bath Time For Sophia

When the girls first got here they both hated baths. Sophia realized pretty quickly that it was not that bad to take a bath. Not Bella. She screams and cries loud enough that the neighbors must think I am killing her. Bella actually stands at the bathroom door and cries when I give Sophia her bath — I guess sympathy cries. As soon as I start running the bath water Bella starts getting anxious and starts to fret.  Sophia takes it all in stride now and I can’t say she loves it, but maybe enjoys it just a little.  

Sometimes I think she looks more alert when taking her bath than at any other time. 
She will actually turn around and around some days when bathing. She moves more easily — it seems. 
She doesn’t even mind that water gets in her face when I wash her hair. I always expect her to cry if I accidentally get her her face wet — but no. She doesn’t seem to care. 

She even picked up a toy that one of the kids threw into the tub — something she rarely ever does. 
By the way, I did have someone very close by in case she slipped. But, she seems to sit up very well when taking her bath. If only Bella could learn to enjoy hers now. 


  1. Wow, she does look much perkier in the tub! Wonder if it is the all over stimulation of the water? I don't know much about that stuff but it is interesting. Does Sophia like to play in water in a sink or bowl? Well, maybe after a summer of a wading pool she'll realize that water is FUN!

  2. I don't think she would actually reach out and play with water in a bowl or sink. I think she has to actually be sitting in the water to have any interest. A wading pool this summer would probably be great. I think I will get one.

  3. She is so beautiful!

  4. I wonder if there is any kind of water therapy that you could do with her or find for her? Maybe baby swimming lessons? Or I've heard of sensory activities with kids in the tub with jello or pudding. Wonder how she would do with those. Just thought I'd throw those things out there for you. 🙂

  5. That might be a good idea. I hadn't thought of that — maybe I will look into it this summer.

  6. Love the tub pictures! So very beautiful!

    Funny how Sophia loves the tub and Bella hates it! Ally absolutely loves it.

    How wonderful that Sophia has found something that she enjoys and that captures her attention and she finds joy in!

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