Catching Up

Lately, I can’t seem to blog in a timely manner. I think I’m going to and I plan to and sometimes have pictures ready and something happens and I forget or get tired and just skip. I have said many times that we use this blog to kind of keep a family journal and I definitely haven’t done a very good job lately. The kids just love our yearly blog books that Bill always gives me for Christmas and it may not sound true, but at least a couple of times every week one of my kids gets out one of our blog books and looks through it. When one kid gets one out it seems to automatically draw at least another couple of kids or even an adult. So, I will try again to keep this blog going.

Aria loves the blog books so much – even though she is not in any of them yet. She said she can’t wait till this year is over and she is in the one I get for Christmas. Last time she pulled out one of the books she drew a crowd and then everybody wanted to look or wanted to get one of their own to look at. They just love seeing all the things they have made or done or places we have gone.

As the school year ends I sometimes go through the kids’ notebooks and just look back on some of the things we have done. I was on the porch going through notebooks and got a few pictures of some of the art the kids did for history or literature this year. Most of them love including art in history and literature though Tess tells me she’s not crazy about it. The pictures aren’t that clear as I had sheet protectors on them and didn’t bother to remove the pictures from them so they might have some glare.

We are almost done for this year though we may do a little school during the summer. Half of the kids were tested today and the rest will get done next week and then we will take a break.

We also went out one afternoon to get some seed for the birds as the girls want to watch the birds again this summer. We found some that would attract a few of the birds the girls were interested in and then also got some Critter Crunch for the other animals – it is mainly attracting squirrels right now, but we know the deer will be in our front yard eating it soon.

After we got the seed we stopped off at the Goodwill and bought a few things to use in the outdoor kitchen this year. Aria is excited to help get it set up and ready to use and Evelyn has been asking when she can play in it. So, we are pretty much ready to get it done. I think the clothesline is missing and we might have to put up another one of those.

I also wanted to mention that May is National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month. Bethany spends many hours a day on her vest, but never really complains.

I had a little video of Bella doing the skip ball thing we have, but I think I have more than enough in this post and will just save that till another time. She loves to jump rope and do the skip ball – oh, and swing. She will literally swing for hours.

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