The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 17

Today our special thing was very small – everyone put something in their room to decorate for Christmas. It was small for most – a Santa for Aria, and Caroline and Claire decorated their two foot tall tree. Bethany decided to put a few small cottages in her bookcase and work on the tree in her room. She and Tess decided to use multi-colored lights on the tree in their room this year and they are almost finished decorating it. I think they have a few ornaments and some tinsel to finish it off. Bethany wanted the little houses to light up but she didn’t want to have to run the cord down the front of the bookcase so she left out the lights. It is still pretty cute. It was a very small thing today, but still something. We are getting close to the end with only one week left. We have enjoyed this years special things – though I think we have done mostly really small things this year. But, we have a few days left.

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